How to open VNC

When you have a VPS from RDP Black, this means you will connect to it through SSH or a Remote Desktop Connection. If you come into issues where you can not connect you will want to connect directly to the server through VNC, or virtual network computing. VNC and an RDP are similar in many manors, the only differences are that VNC connects directly to server while RDP uses software to connect you to the VPS. The reason we use RDP versus VNC is the fact that RDP is typically much faster than VNC. Now you might be confused on the way to connect to a VNC server, and here we will walk you through it.

First you must navigate to the client area located here.

Once you have logged into the client area you will have to select and press the services button showing your active VPS.

From there on you can select the VPS you wish to perform the reinstall on and scroll down to the VPS information tab.

Once you click it you should see information about  VNC, you should just click the button that says Launch HTML 5.

Then from there, you have successfully connected to your VPS through VNC.

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