How to reset password

RDP Black VPS are your private computers in the cloud. This means that only you have access to your VPS password and are responsible for it. This may cause issues when you forget or misplace your VPS password making you unable to connect to your server. However our panel provides an easy solution by allowing you to reset your password stress free and quickly.

First you must navigate to the client area located here.

Once you have logged into the client area you will have to select and press the services button showing your active VPS.

From there on you can select the VPS you wish to perform the password reset on and change password from the actions tab.

Once in the change password tab input a secure password consisting of at least 3 upper, 3 lower case letters and 3 numbers and press save changes.

Once you have done that press the Reboot VPS button which should complete the password change.

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