How to reinstall RDP

RDP Black VPS are virtual machines that run on top of specialized hardware. Whenever you order a new server from us an OS such as windows gets automatically installed onto that server. Sometimes your OS can become corrupted or broken from malicious software or programs. When these issues are not fixable through a password reset or a VNC connection you may have to perform a full operating system reinstall.

First you must navigate to the client area located here.

Once you have logged into the client area you will have to select and press the services button showing your active VPS.

From there on you can select the VPS you wish to perform the reinstall on and scroll down to the VPS information tab.

Once in the VPS information tab select the install tab and the operating system of your choice. Input a secure password consisting of at least 3 upper, 3 lower case letters and 3 numbers and press the reinstall button, then confirm the reinstall.

Once you have done that you will have a newly installed VPS within 3 minutes.


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